MissMadiD (madid) wrote,

Just do it!

(Will) We slept together but we didn't have sex. I don't even know what to make of it, except that he is the first person I feel like I kind of trust (?) with my body. He wanted to have sex (so did I) but he accepted what I said and we just cuddled all night, half naked. It was so relieving to be respected... and now I really, really want to have sex with him. Every time I got up to leave (for the three precious hours of actual sleep I got) he would wake up, pull me back into bed and hug me until he fell asleep gain. The problem for me is that we live 2 doors apart... If its bad, there's no avoiding him after... if he's one of those guys who has a different girl every week, I'd be pissed... if it's good, well I'm cool with that one.

(Marcus) I went on a few dates with him... 1. fucking sexy, 2. health and fitness junkie, 3. full time engineer, 4. brought me cute things and was wanting me to meet his friends, family ect..... but when it came to the whole sex thing, I couldn't didn't want to. I didn't feel that I could trust him with my body... because we was so fit I felt inferior to him like my body wouldn't be good enough for him, not up to his standards. He put tons of pressure on me too, which only made things worse.

Damn I have issues with sex. That's my only conclusion.
Tags: body image, boys, sex, sexuality
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