MissMadiD (madid) wrote,

Amputate my arm at the shoulder please?
I feel like I need to have it in a sling, my shoulder is screwed, I'm dressing and undressing myself with one hand, I can't move my left arm without immense pain in my shoulder.
I've seen an osteo about it and he said to stop doing overhead presses/non functional weights using my shoulder, that was about 6 months ago and i cut down, didn't completely stop and it seemed to get better. In the past 2 weeks I've done no arm weights and I'm in fucking agony!
Changing the radio station=pain
Lifting my hand bag=pain
Dressing/undressing myself=pain
Trying to put tooth paste on my tooth brush =pain

I'm 90% sure I've failed my statistics assessment, we got verbal feed back from our tutors (as a group) and pretty much everything he said I though 'fuck, forgot that. And that, damn it didn't even know we had to include that'.
I lost so much sleep completing that one, and now I'm going to fail, and have to redo it :( I just want the results to come out already, before I drive myself nuts! I've never been this nervous for results before, not even exam results. Nor have I been this confident that I've failed.

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