February 7th, 2012

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Fuck fuck fuck. I'm sure I'm over reacting but fuck I'm scared.
I've been bathing my sisters youngest, Bella, for the past week, and today she started crying and her face went all red, her eyes went blood shot when I flipped her over for tummy time in the bath. I don't know if her face got submerged (I'm usually really careful), if her eyes got splashed, water got in her mouth?? The one I'm most concerned about is if she inhaled the water, that can kill hours later! Fuck! I don't know!
Her face was wet, but that could have been splashes, maybe I slipped and she was in the water further than I realized? How long was her face submerged? How much?
The more I hear the baby cry tonight the better I'll feel (she's a restless sleeper), at least I'll know she's alive.

I told my sister, brought Bella out straight way, because I DON'T know what happened, which scares me the most. My sister was not concerned, 'she gets splashed all the time when she's in the bath with her brother, she'll be fine'
I hope so, I really do.

I want to go check on her every 5 minutes, but I can't because everyone's asleep and someone might hear me...

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